Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference 2022

Pollution and Carbon Reduction · Clean Development
December 2022 | Harbin, China

Strong Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference reflects increased interest in the Chinese market

Author:DLG International Published:11/05/2018 Source:

Great German interest in the 5th Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference - 450 participants - 36 German and Chinese exhibitors

This year, DLG’s subsidiary DLG AgroTechService, together with its partners China Biogas Society and Zheijang University, organized a conference and a foyer exhibition on the topics of "Rural Revitalisation - Recycling - Green Development". This year's event took place from 30 to 31 October in Hangzhou, the capital of the Chinese province of Zhejiang.

With this approach, the DLG supports the transfer of knowledge and the expansion of economic cooperation. The DLG has been involved for nine years with a specialist event on the subject of bioenergy in China. The Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference, which takes place annually at different locations, welcomed 450 experts from many Chinese provinces this year. It has established itself as a leading platform in this field as it is closely linked to politics and attracts representatives and decision-makers from many provinces. In total 36 German and Chinese bioenergy companies took the chance to present their products and services. Researchers and experts from universities are also an integral part of the conference.

The conference was supported by Dr. Meierhofer from the Department of Energy Affairs, Bioenergy of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). In his opening speech, he emphasized the close cooperation between the two countries in the field of bioenergy and gave an insight into the current policy of the German government. In addition to the conference, the programme included a visit to a biogas plant near Hangzhou, where liquid manure from a large dairy farm is converted into energy.

The 6th Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference will take place next year in Qingdao together with EuroTier China.