Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference 2022

Pollution and Carbon Reduction · Clean Development
December 2022 | Harbin, China
For Visitors
For Visitors

For Visitors

Reasons for visiting:

• Professional platform for biogas industry

• The most authoritative organizers in the area of biogas in China

• Sino-German cooperation programme

• The best channel to acquire information of the Chinese biogas environment

• German exhibitors and experts invited

• Establish networking with exhibitors/experts

Exhibitor Profile: 

• Biogas production & Energy-producing plants

• Biogas technology & engineering equipment

• Gas power generation & power machinery

• Gas purification & cleaning

• Technology & equipment for gas compression, storage and distribution

• Turnkey plants

The exhibition programme - Production and use of biogas:

• Substrate treatment

• Fermentation

• Gas cleaning

• Gas feed-in

• Treatment and use of fermentation residues

• Turn-key plants

• Generation of electricity, cogeneration of heat and power, heating/cooling technology

• Ventilation, waste air and exhaust

• Services